Online Film Appreciation Course in Marathi by NFAI & FFSI Starts 

पुणे प्रवाह न्युज पोर्टल 

Online Film Appreciation Course in Marathi by NFAI & FFSI Starts 

     Well-known film and theatre artist Dr Mohan Agashe inaugurated the Online Film Appreciation Course in Marathi “Chitrapat Rasaswad Shibir” at National Film Archive of India. 

This year's the 15th edition of Film Appreciation Course in Marathi is being organized by NFAI in association with Federation of Film Society of India (FFSI) and is to be held online for the first time from November 1 to November 7, due to the situation caused by Corona Virus. 

“Cinema is an effective medium for communication between time and space. It is important to be literate in this language as audio-visual language does not change even though the technology is evolving,” Dr Mohan Agashe said during the inauguration. Mr Prakash Magdum, Director, NFAI and coordinators of Film Appreciation Course Mr Satish Jakatdar and Mr Suhas Kirloskar, were present at the opening function.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mohan Agashe said that, “Man understands visual language before he understands the language of words. The child learns to mimic through visual perception. In school life, there is more emphasis on reading and writing whereas audio-visual understanding lags behind. Sometimes it takes a lot of pages to describe an event, the same thing can be shown in 20 seconds through the film and it can effectively reach many. Although technology has changed rapidly over the last twenty years, the language of film has not changed, so we need to be literate in this medium.”

Prakash Magdum, Director NFAI, said, "Film literacy is important to create an intelligent audience. The audience needs to appreciate what the director is trying to convey on screen. The National Film Archive of India has been working on increasing film literacy for many years and this workshop is a part of it. "

    A unique film course in Marathi focuses on the importance of knowledge of film language and grammar. It includes expert lectures on cinema in-depth, history, theories and discussion on cinema. Being a successful Marathi film appreciation course, over the years it has given much-needed encouragement to have good cinema culture in different parts Maharashtra. 

The course features lectures by prolific film personalities like Samar Nakhate, Deepak Deodhar, Suhas Kirloskar, Abhijit Deshpande, Anupam Barve, Umesh Kulkarni, Shyamla Vanarse, Ganesh Matkari, Ujwal Nigudkar, Abhijit Randive, Rahul Ranade, Sudhir Nandgaonkar and Prakash Magdum. 

The online course has received a good response with 80 film enthusiastic participants from various parts in Maharashtra as well as from the US and Singapore, belonging to various fields such as students, professors and engineers.