Bank of Employees on the background of Corona Virus.

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Safety of Bank of Employees on the background of Corona Virus.


पुणे :- Safety of Bank  of  Employees  on  the  background  of  Corona Virus. Bank  employees  from  the  State  of  Maharashtra  and  more  particularly  from  the  Metropolitan City  of  Mumbai  are  striving  their  level  best  to  provide  continued  banking  services  to  the  common people  despite  the  numerous  difficulties  faced  by  them  and  in  the  process  eleven  Bank  Employees have  lost  their  lives  due  to  Coronavirus  infection.  These  deceased  staff  are  from  State  Bank  of India  –  3,  Punjab  National  Bank  –  1,  Federal  Bank  –  1,  Central  Bank  of  India  –  1,  Bank  of  India  – 2,  IDBI  –  1,  Canara  Bank  –  1,  Bank  of  Maharashtra  –  1.  In  addition  to  the  above  one  employee from  Federal  Bank  and  an  executive  from  Central  Bank  of  India  even  though  were  not  diagnosed as Corona  affected  are  suspected to have been  died  of the  same. Majority  of  the  Bank  employees  working  in  Mumbai  City  Branches  /  Offices  are  staying  in Mumbai  Suburbs  or  outside  and  many  are  travelling  from  beyond  Mumbai  Urban  Agglomeration Areas.  The  banks  are  not  providing  any  conveyance  facility  to  these  employees  and  public transport  such  as  Local  Railway,  Metro  are  shut  down.  BEST  services  are  very  few  with  less frequency  and  State  Transport  Department  is  not  allowing  bank  employees  under  the  pretext  that they  are  not  covered  under  essential  services.  Most  of  the  banks  have  abandoned  guards  at  the entrance  and  do  not  have  permanent  sweepers  and  thus  security  and  cleanliness  is  also compromised  and  banks  are  unable  to  regulate  customer  traffic  at  the  entrance.  All  this  has resulted  into  great  risk  not  only  to  the  lives  of  the  bank  employees  but  also  to  the  lives  of  their dependents  and  neighbors  who  reside  with  and  nearby  them  respectively.  These  employees  turn out  to  be  carriers of  coronavirus.  Further,  Government  has not  extended insurance  coverage of  Rs. 50  lac  to  the  bank  employees  at  par  with  the  government  employees  and  different  banks  are following  different  policy  of compensation on  death  due  to  Corona  infection.   In  view  of  the  above  we  representing  entire  bank  employees  from  the  Metropolitan  City  of Mumbai  hereby  request  you  to  kindly  advise  SLBC  Maharashtra  to  fulfill  the  following  requirements for  the  safety  of  Bank  employees  and  for  providing  uninterrupted  banking  services  to  the customers:- 1.  Arrange  for  safe  transportation  which  employees  can  avail  within  a  radius  of  about  2  km  from his/her  residence  to his/her  work  place. 2.  Ensure  that  branches are  sanitized  regularly  and  entry  is  properly  regulated. -::  2  ::- 3.  Ensure  appropriate security  arrangements  at  all branches.   4.  Branches  be  run  with  50%  staff  with  alternate  day  attendance  and  remaining  be  allowed  to work  from  home,  preferably  employees  above  age  50  &  women  employees  be  given preference  for  work  from  home  facility.  Employees  suffering  from  diabetes,  Blood  Pressure  and chronic  ailments  also be  permitted  to  work  from home.   5.  Branches  be  run  with  flexi  time  for  4  hours  for  business  since  the  commutation  time  of employees  has become  too  long  due  to  non-availability  of local train.   6.  The  employees  attending  the  duties  be  paid  Rs.  1,000/-  per  day  as  discomfort  allowance  for the  days  for  which  they  are  attending. 7.  Central  Government  compensation  scheme  of  Rs  50  lacs  insurance  for  unfortunate  death  be extended to the  bank  employees along  with compassionate appointments. 8.  Bank  employees be  permitted  to travel  by  State  Transport  Buses.   9.  All  the  centers  such  as  Mumbai,  Nasik,  Aurangabad,  Pune  and  similar  such  places  be  covered under  above  provisions  of  work  such  as  50%  attendance,  work  from  home  facility,  alternate day  attendance,  flexi  timings  etc.,  and  the  same  be  implemented  uniformly  in  all  banks  at  all such  areas. In  view  of  increasing  deaths  of  the  bank  employees  from  the  Mumbai  Metropolitan  Area employees  have  become  perturbed  and  in  this  background  we  feel  that  there  is  a  need  to  give them  some  comfort  in  attending  their  duties  failing  which  it  will  be  very  difficult  to  give uninterrupted  services.   We  hope  and  look  forward  for  positive  steps in  the  above at  the  earliest  to  help us to  enable  us to  give continued  banking services in the  state of  Maharashtra more  particularly  in  Mumbai  Metro.   Yours faithfully (DEVIDAS TULJAPURKAR) CONVENOR UFBU  –  MAHARASHTRA STATE Mobile  -  9422209380 CC  : Chief Executive,  IBA,  Mumbai Chief Minister,  State  of Maharashtra     Chief Secretary,  State  of  Maharashtra   Convener SLBC  Maharashtra /  MD  &  CEO,  Bank  of Maharashtra   General Manager  -  FI &  SLBC,  Bank  of  Maharashtra Chairman,  State  Bank  of  India Managing  Director &  CEO, Bank  of  Baroda Managing  Director &  CEO, Union  Bank  of India Managing  Director &  CEO, Bank  of  India Managing  Director &  CEO, Central Bank  of India Managing  Director &  CEO, IDBI  Bank Bank employees from the State of Maharashtra and more particularly from the Metropolitan City of Mumbai are striving their level best to provide continued banking services to the common people despite the numerous difficulties faced by them and in the process eleven Bank Employees have lost their lives due to Coronavirus infection. These deceased staff are from State Bank of India – 3, Punjab National Bank – 1, Federal Bank – 1, Central Bank of India – 1, Bank of India – 2, IDBI – 1, Canara Bank – 1, Bank of Maharashtra – 1. In addition to the above one employee from Federal Bank and an executive from Central Bank of India even though were not diagnosed as Corona affected are suspected to have been died of the same. Majority of the Bank employees working in Mumbai City Branches / Offices are staying in Mumbai Suburbs or outside and many are travelling from beyond Mumbai Urban Agglomeration Areas. The banks are not providing any conveyance facility to these employees and public transport such as Local Railway, Metro are shut down. BEST services are very few with less frequency and State Transport Department is not allowing bank employees under the pretext that they are not covered under essential services. Most of the banks have abandoned guards at the entrance and do not have permanent sweepers and thus security and cleanliness is also compromised and banks are unable to regulate customer traffic at the entrance. All this has resulted into great risk not only to the lives of the bank employees but also to the lives of their dependents and neighbors who reside with and nearby them respectively. These employees turn out to be carriers of coronavirus. Further, Government has not extended insurance coverage of Rs. 50 lac to the bank employees at par with the government employees and different banks are following different policy of compensation on death due to Corona infection. In view of the above we representing entire bank employees from the Metropolitan City of Mumbai hereby request you to kindly advise SLBC Maharashtra to fulfill the following requirements for the safety of Bank employees and for providing uninterrupted banking services to the customers:- 1. Arrange for safe transportation which employees can avail within a radius of about 2 km from his/her residence to his/her work place. 2. Ensure that branches are sanitized regularly and entry is properly regulated. -:: 2 ::- 3. Ensure appropriate security arrangements at all branches. 4. Branches be run with 50% staff with alternate day attendance and remaining be allowed to work from home, preferably employees above age 50 & women employees be given preference for work from home facility. Employees suffering from diabetes, Blood Pressure and chronic ailments also be permitted to work from home. 5. Branches be run with flexi time for 4 hours for business since the commutation time of employees has become too long due to non-availability of local train. 6. The employees attending the duties be paid Rs. 1,000/- per day as discomfort allowance for the days for which they are attending. 7. Central Government compensation scheme of Rs 50 lacs insurance for unfortunate death be extended to the bank employees along with compassionate appointments. 8. Bank employees be permitted to travel by State Transport Buses. 9. All the centers such as Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad, Pune and similar such places be covered under above provisions of work such as 50% attendance, work from home facility, alternate day attendance, flexi timings etc., and the same be implemented uniformly in all banks at all such areas. In view of increasing deaths of the bank employees from the Mumbai Metropolitan Area employees have become perturbed and in this background we feel that there is a need to give them some comfort in attending their duties failing which it will be very difficult to give uninterrupted services. We hope and look forward for positive steps in the above at the earliest to help us to enable us to give continued banking services in the state of Maharashtra more particularly in Mumbai Metro. Yours faithfully (DEVIDAS TULJAPURKAR) CONVENOR UFBU – MAHARASHTRA STATE Mobile - 9422209380 CC : Chief Executive, IBA, Mumbai Chief Minister, State of Maharashtra Chief Secretary, State of Maharashtra Convener SLBC Maharashtra / MD & CEO, Bank of Maharashtra General Manager - FI & SLBC, Bank of Maharashtra Chairman, State Bank of India Managing Director & CEO, Bank of Baroda Managing Director & CEO, Union Bank of India Managing Director & CEO, Bank of India Managing Director & CEO, Central Bank of India Managing Director & CEO, IDBI Bank

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