Value Based Education is the need of the hour as we see a significant



पुणे प्रवाह न्युज पोर्टल


Value Based Education is the need of the hour as we see a significant deterioration of value systems in the society of current times. To inculcate the value system in their confused minds and make them value-oriented-powerful leaders, educational institutions should take the initiative to impart Value Based Spiritual Knowledge to this new generation. “Imbibing the qualities of good conduct, self-confidence and high values would help students earn a significant place in society. Education without values is like a flower without fragrance. Students should realize that character building is equally important as career building. A good character in life is ultimate thing that stretches person’s self-realization”.

To address this, it is important for all of us to seriously think about and find ways to integrate the Value Based Universal Education system in our institutions.

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