Complete lockdown is applicable for Metro & urban areas

        All colleagues . Take care of you & your family by continuing in quarantine. 
       Banking being essential services we need to give minimum services as defined by IBA with minimum staff to be worked out locally at Branch level. 
       Complete lockdown is applicable for Metro & urban areas.  Mumbai Bankers in tune with state government are likely to come out with solutions or otherwise contact Branch head & seek permission to report to nearby branch.
Don't be panic & Don't allow customers to be panic. Assure them that we are committed to give uninterrupted banking services to them. Do effective cash management. 
Carry I Card with you invariably. 
We need Electricity,  Milk, water, LPG & hence we expect employees from those sectors to report just like that society needs Banking & hence we need to report.
Let us fight with great courage & confidence.  
Devidas Tuljapurkar 
General Secretary